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Whaling Solar Project (New York)

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The Whaling Solar Project in Utica, 2020, was a collaborative triumph where efficiency met ambition.
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The Whaling Solar Project in Utica, New York, in 2020 was a gratifying endeavor, characterized by seamless collaboration and efficient progress. Our involvement in this venture allowed us to witness the power of synchronized efforts, with our subcontractor’s adept completion of electrical work freeing up our internal teams to simultaneously advance other aspects of the project. It was a symphony of productivity, each team playing a crucial role in bringing the vision to life. This strategic coordination not only accelerated the project timeline but also emphasized the efficacy of collective efforts in the realm of solar energy. The Whaling Solar Project became more than a renewable energy initiative; it was a testament to the potential unlocked when diverse teams work in harmony towards a shared goal, marking Utica’s skyline with a beacon of sustainable progress.

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