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Hawtree Creek Solar ( North Carolina )

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Hawtree Creek won the NC Sustainable Energy Association’s Sustainable Energy Project of the Year for Utility-Scale Solar in 2021!
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Nestled in the heart of Warren County, North Carolina, the Hawtree Solar project emerges as a collaborative effort among dedicated partners with a singular goal: to establish and operate a vital source of renewable energy for the area. This solar farm initiative represents a collective endeavor to harness clean, sustainable power, illuminating a path towards a greener future.

Undertaken in partnership, the project’s inception signifies a commitment to provide the region with an eco-friendly energy solution. The shared vision among partners stands as a testament to the collective drive to bring this solar farm to fruition. By leveraging renewable resources, the Hawtree Solar project aims to not only power the region but also contribute to a sustainable energy landscape for the community of Warren County and beyond.

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