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Anson Solar Project ( Texas )

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The Anson Solar project showcases the capacity for large-scale renewable energy generation but also reflects the dedication behind harnessing natural resources.
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Situated in Jones County, located in the northern region of Texas, the Anson Solar project stands as a testament to the potential of large-scale renewable energy initiatives. Spanning an impressive 2,200 acres of land, this ambitious project aims to generate a substantial 200 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. Our team was among several crews integral to coordinating and contributing to the successful assembly of this expansive project.

The Anson Solar project represents a significant milestone in the realm of renewable energy. With its expansive footprint and remarkable capacity, this initiative not only signifies a substantial investment in clean energy but also highlights the collaborative effort involved in leveraging natural resources for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Its considerable scale and impact solidify its crucial role in advancing the region’s renewable energy landscape.

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