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Happy Solar

The Conway Solar project, a 135-megawatt initiative located in White County, Arkansas, is now fully operational, representing a significant milestone in the state’s energy landscape. A private capital investment of $125 million has been dedicated to develop, finance, construct, and manage this solar infrastructure, aimed at enhancing Arkansas’s energy security and self-sufficiency.

Salt City Solar

Salt City Solar Started 2022 Salt City Solar is located in Pickaway County, Ohio.  We joined the team there and helped complete part of the mechanical phase of this project. Our team did excellent work here. 0 Acres 0 MW 0 K Modules

Solidago Solar

Solidago Solar Started 2022 Solidago is located in New Castle County, Delaware. We started and ended this project with safety and efficiency in mind.  Our team did what they do best and pulled incredible numbers during the construction faze of this project. 0 Acres 0 MW 0 K Modules

Whitehorn Solar

Anson Solar Started 2021 Whithorn Solar is located in Pittsylvania County, Southern Virginia. We were brought in later to this project so it could meet its schedule. Our crew brought their skills and with our team and our partners, we all pulled together and made this job happen. 0 Acres 0 MW 0 K Modules

Hawtree Solar

Hawtree Solar Started 2021 Hawtree Solar is located in Warren County, North Carolina.  We started this project with our fellow partners, to get this solar farm up and running to provide the area with renewable energy. 0 K Acres 0 MW 0 K Modules

Bluestone Solar

Bluestone Solar Started 2021 Bluestone Solar is located in Mecklenburg County in Virginia. We were brought in with a few of our partners to pull this project back in so it could meet its deadlines. Our teams did incredible work here and we are proud that we made things happen.  0 Acres 0 MW 0 […]

Anson Solar

Anson Solar Started 2021 Anson Solar is located in Jones County, in the northern part of Texas. This project covered over 2,200 Acres of land to make 200 MW of renewable energy. Our Crew was one of many that help pull this project together. 0 K Acres 0 MW 0 K Modules